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Our Vaccination Protocol:

We de-worm the puppies every other week starting at 2 weeks of age with pyrantel pamoate. Puppies are treated with fenbendazole as a preventative.

We recommend a booster of NeoPar and DA2 from NeoTech at one year of age. I am more than willing to provide the vaccine to you at that time (unless we are no longer in state). After the 1 year booster it has been proven that the minimum amount of years of protection against the viruses we vaccinate for is 7 years and in most cases it is for the life time of your pet. We do NOT recommend vaccinating your pet every year and strongly believe that this practice decreases your pets natural immunity to a host of illnesses. If Rabies is given after 18 weeks of age (we recommend that you wait until at least 6 months of age) you will not have to re-vaccinate for rabies for 3 years. We ONLY vaccinate for Rabies because it is the law, not that we feel that it is necessary.

We choose not to vaccinate against certain viruses (Lepto & Corona) because the vaccines for them either can not work or are unnecessary. If you want to know more there is a plethora of good information on the web about over-vaccination. 

Please remember that vaccines do not cover all or even many of the strains out there for the viruses we vaccinate for. Your dog can still get these illnesses and the best defense against them is maintaining a healthy immune system. We can do this by providing good quality food, supplements  and by avoiding over vaccination.

Many vets will try to convince you that your pets need more vaccines. This is NOT true and has been consistently proven to be so. Remember, vets make a lot of money from the sale and administration of vaccines. And when your pet dies prematurely from over vaccination they make even more money off of your new pet.

A good thing to remember is that your vet is working for YOU and should be listening to you and what you want for your pet. If they do not, we would strongly advise you find a new vet.

You are the owner and have every right to determine what vaccines your pet needs!

For information on the vaccines we use please visit:


6 weeks: NEOPAR Parvo & DA2
8 weeks: NEOPAR parvo & DA2
12 weeks​​: NEOPAR Parvo & DA2