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Saphira is a four  year old beautiful dark red brindle Boerboel. In build and structure, she is a good example of the historical farm bred Boerboel. She has a smaller build and weighs a very lean (how Boerboels should be) 110lbs with nice muscle and an athletic build which contributes to her incredible speed, agility and stamina!

 Saphira has great watchdog abilities and takes her job as our family protector very seriously. She has no problem letting  those that she feels are a threat to her family know but is not aggressive. Saph is eager to please and is very good about picking up cues from others. Saphira is a very sweet, loyal and loving girl to her family and "pack" although she is not fond of outside dogs. Saphira loves to play with her people and dogs alike. Saphira has OFA certified good hips and no DJD. She is vaginal prolapse/hyperplasia free as well as entropion/ectrpion free. She is registered with AKC and NKC and we are working on USBA registration.

About 11 months old