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Our website is getting a much needed update and dogs and info will be updated Spring 2021​​.

This is a long awaited litter and will be an incredible combination of two great dogs! Please contact me if you are interested as our puppy list is growing!  

All pups will be sold with  spay/neuter contracts. Breeding rights will be discussed with interested parties but will not be availible for all pups and will be contigent on how the dog turns out and completed health testing at appropriate ages. 

Our puppies have docked tails have been de-wormed every two weeks. Pups are vaccinated at 6 and 8 weeks for Parvo, Distemper and Adenovirus. We use high titer Neo-Tech vaccines as they have proven to be the most safe and effective vaccines currently available to breeders. Because Neo-tech vaccines are not sold elsewhere in the state, we will offer follow up vaccines at 12 weeks as part of our puppy package and again at a year if pups are in state. We feel proper nutrition and early socialization are the foundation to raising an stable and emotionally healthy dog. Our dogs and the puppies eat a grain free, high protein puppy food. We also use Missing Link which provides essential nutrients and daily joint support. All of our puppies were imprinted at birth and we also use the Bio Sensor MethodThey are being raised under-foot in our home and we have already started the potty training process for you!  Our pups will be handled daily, well socialized and exposed to a variety of everyday situations. All of our puppies will also be temperament tested to ensure that we are able to match each of our pups to the best family possible. 

All pups will be sold on legally binding alter agreements only (unless discussed with us), but should not be altered until they are fully grown at 18 months to allow for proper growth and development. Alter agreements will be strictly enforced and we will follow up on them.

Ideally we would like to find families willing to let us know
​how the dogs are doing as they grow and throughout their lives; not only because we care about them, but because it is important that we know how they turn out to evaluate the possibility of a future litter. If a family is interested in breeding they need to speak with us to discuss it as we would be willing to discuss options with the right people. All pups are sold at a pet price, and if breeding is agreed upon an additional amount will be paid to us for breeding rights. Breeding rights 
and full registration will not be released until after the dog has received clearances with the appropriate orthopedic foundation.

All pups will come with limited registration (AKC/UKC), a bag of food, supplements, puppy packet, shot record, microchip, and a blanket that smells like mom and litter mates to help reduce anxiety when it comes time to leave us. Also, as breeders of this litter we offer life time breeder support for advice, dog sitting, questions, etc. We require that any dog that cannot be kept by their owner regardless of reason be returned to us and will not be re-sold or re-homed. No exceptions.

Please contact us if you are ​interested in one of our puppies. We will consider a payment option ​for the right homes.

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